About HOZO

HOZO Design is an emerging high-tech company dedicated to world's leading innovative design and development of intelligent consumer electronics.

With the idea of "design + intelligence", HOZO strives to bring the aesthetics of technology to 40,000+ active users worldwide with a presence in over 65+ countries and regions.

HOZO is Born in Rochester, NY

Launched ROLLOVA - the world’s 1st digital rolling ruler on Kickstarter in RIT studio with a strong passion for bringing technology to people’s lives with authentic design.

Set up R&D Center in Hong Kong

Kickoff product development to build a product that would resonate on a global scale with a core technological challenge and a compelling impact on the industry.

Began to Grow in Guangzhou

Bringing together industrial leading product designers, geomatics experts, mechanical engineers and passionate storytellers.

Introducing MEAZOR to the World

3 years after the original idea was born, HOZO launched the flagship product – MEAZOR on Kickstarter, and the international jury committee honored it with Good Design Award 2021.

MEAZOR 3D is Born, Better and Stronger

After reviewing thousands of feedback from MEAZOR users, we learned from the community and launched the next generation, MEAZOR 3D, chosen by Kickstater as Project We Love.

Unveiling NeoRuler and M-Cube

In 2023, we proudly introduced NeoRuler and M-Cube to over 4,000 Kickstarter backers, both honored as Projects We Love. Combining exceptional design with practical functionality, they cater to desktop and on-site measurement needs.

Beyond Future

HOZO team is driven by an obsessive passion for creating better products to make a better life. Be the first to know about our latest innovations by following our newsletter.

Award Winning Team