Brand Upgrade: A New Chapter at HOZO Design

Exciting changes are at HOZO Design!


We unveiled a series of upgrades! From a new color palette inspired by laser technology to a redesigned logo that mirrors the unique forms of our products, every element has been crafted to enhance user's experience with HOZO.


Let's explore these fresh updates and what they mean to you.


Logo Redesign: A Shape that Connects


The new logo is designed to incorporate elements that reflect the distinctive shapes of our measuring tools.


It's a logo that tells a story—the story of precision engineering and thoughtful design.

A Fresh New Color Palette & Clearer Fonts

We believe in precision not only in our products but also in our visual identity.



The new color is inspired by NeoRuler's LED lights. A vibrant, dynamic shade stands out in our communications and product designs, bringing a sense of energy and precision.


To complement the new color, a font that emphasizes clarity and readability is introduced.


Numbers and text are easier to read and the information is accessible and clear, creating a user-friendly experience across all touchpoints.

Cohesive Packaging Design: Seamless Brand Experience

The revamped packaging resonates with the brand image.



It aligns seamlessly with the visual identity, incorporating the new colors and logo while ensuring that every product you receive feels part of a bigger family, making unboxing a HOZO product an experience in itself.

More Than a Cosmetic Makeover


This upgrade is a reflection of our evolving identity and our ongoing commitment to excellence in the design and functionality of our products.


Enhance your interaction with HOZO Design, making it enjoyable and engaging.