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“As far as we can find no other device does it all or is as useful as MEAZOR. ”

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Yanko Design

“This tiny laser device can replace every single measuring tools you use!”

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CES Bible

“The MEAZOR has been engineered to fit seamlessly into creative lifestyles, and is currently the smallest 2D laser room scanner in the world.”

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"MEAZOR has been meticulously designed to be used in everyday life, to make measuring easier and more enjoyable for all.”

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"MEAZOR, Laser Measure HERO! It offers a tremendous amount of eminently useful measuring functions."

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The Herald

"A compact digital laser measurer with more tricks up its sleeve than David Blaine."

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Jay B Swindle

United States

It's a good value for 2D data collection offering multiple data collection modes and useful file transfer formats.I've been looking for a device to do what MEAZOR does for about the last two years. I'm glad I finally found it.

Bruce W

United States

MEAZOR is an excellent tool with a really nice build quality. I can imagine that this would be invaluable to a real estate agent.It's quick, accurate and very intuitive to use. I've check the laser length measurement against known accurate distances and find it to be dead on, and repeatable. It's also easier to carry than a bulky tape, and I can record measurements automatically, no need to write anything down. I love it.



I've already recommended this to a few friends, showed it to them and they've loved it! It not only saves time, but saves you from recording incorrect measurements and takes the guesswork out of determining angles. This device is a game changer.



MEAZOR is the perfect assistant for the work of an Architect, both on site and in the diagnosis of buildings.



The MEAZOR is really versatile and can be used in different types of measurement whether in architecture or object design and without forgetting to read a geographical map or even calculate the curves, not to mention accessories and spare parts.

Liam B.


I bought MEAZOR primarily as a laser measuring device which had the added benefit of having a curve measuring tool.. However, it does so much more than that! Plus, it even fits in my pocket!! 10/10

Kat B.

United States

If you need to measure rooms or distances that are annoying with a tape measure, the Meazor will simplify your life! The laser measuring mode is the most used. Absolutely amazingly useful and easy.

Theodore W.

United States

I work in architecture. I would recommend MEAZOR to my friends that do residential architecture. It would be great for them to get a laser-accurate measurement of a room when they have a project. If the product could do multiple rooms with accuracy in a single scan, then I would recommend it to anyone in the industry as it would be a much easier version of a point cloud scan of an existing building.


New Zealand

I've tried a few laser measuring tools over time, but the MEAZOR is the first that is so easy to use, displays all the info I need, and offers so many useful modes. Add in the app that allows all of this to be captured, stored and exported, and you have a great package.

Sergio P.


The measurement system is very precise, it is as precise as my old "LEICA" equipment. The most impressive thing about MEAZOR is the generation of 2D plans in the app, very useful for renovations where there are no plans of the place.

James L.

United States

High quality measurements in the palm of your hand. Easy to use and intuitive, MEAZOR makes mapping out floor plans a breeze.

Tim M.

United Kingdom

Must have for home DIYers. One tool to help you tackle the entire project, from measuring to design and layout, to finishing touches.


ROLLOVA - Next-Gen Tape Measure?

“An innovative new way to measure that leaves old-fashioned methods in the dust”

“ROLLOVA is a futuristic gadget”



“This Compact "Rolling Ruler" Seeks to Change how Architects Measure”

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INNOVATION AWARD 2018 “This incredible ruler can measure a wide range of surfaces, objects, and materials with a single motion.”

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“Its obvious strength is in measuring curved or uneven surfaces”

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“we found the ROLLOVA impressive”

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“ユニークで実用的な機能に加えて、スタイリッシュなデザインが素晴らしい”(In addition to unique and practical features, the stylish design is amazing)

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Carl E. M.

United States

Got it for my wife mostly. She has a problem seeing a tape measure since she lost vision in her right eye, and having to count the small hash marks. This “roller tape measure” gives the measurements in easy to read digital numbers in and fractions. I love it too. Worth the money!!!


United States

“The anticipation for this product was worth the wait. I’m a math teacher and splurged for my ROLLOVA and have been able to show the general rule we strive for in my math classes: strive to find a different, cool, efficient way of doing something that others will find useful and appreciate.”


United Kingdom

Its a great design. Well done guys in changing the concept of measuring.

At HOZO Design, we want you to have easy-to-use, compact tools
that can adapt to ANY measurement need.