Android 6.0 or above and requires minimum 4GB ram. iOS 13 or above. Adapt to Connection protocol: Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection.

Laser Distance

Range: 0.3ft-131ft (0.1m-40m)

Resolution: 0.04inch(1mm)

Accuracy: ±1/16in (±2mm) in ideal circumstances*

*Non-ideal circumstances such as outdoor with strong light, or under the bad reflective surface, the error will be superimposed with maximum +- 1‰ of the measurement distance.

Scale Rolling Ruler

Range: 0-300feets (0-99meters)

Resolution: 0.04inch(1mm)

Accuracy: ±1mm or ±0.2% in ideal circumstances.**

**Non-ideal circumstances: The accuracy decreases on slippery, uneven, soft, curved surfaces. Inclination, misalignment and other human error factors will also affect the measurement accuracy.

Data Storage

200 built-in data (Support Laser measure data & Scale Rolling ruler data)

Scales Measure

4 built-in modes with 57 scales

Floor Plan Scanning

Range: 0-184ft×184ft (33,856ft²)
or 56m×56m (3136m²)

Accuracy: ±1in (±25mm)
in ideal circumstances*

*Non-ideal circumstances such as outdoor with strong light, or under the bad reflective surface, the error will be superimposed with maximum ±2‰ of the measurement distance.

Curve Scanning

Range: Maximum Curve Length(start point-endpoint):
82feets (25 meters)

Resolution: Angle Resolution : 1.0°,
Length Resolution: 0.04inch(+-1mm)


Range: Dual axis ±90°

Resolution: 0.1°

Accuracy: ±0.2°at 0° ~45°. ±0.4° at other angles


Range: 0~360°

Resolution: 0.17°

Accuracy: ±0.3°at 0°~180°, ±0.4° at other angles

Support laser assist mode


Pythagorean mode with triangle third-side and area calculation. Area mode with rectangular area calculation. Export drawing to apps

Support Units

mm, cm, m
in (decimal)
in (fractional)
feet, yard


1.3-inch diagonal IPS-backlit display, 240×240 resolution at 184 PPI. Covered with tempered glass capacitive touch screen.


Built-in 650 mAh lithium‑polymer battery. Support 5V
-1A USB-C Port Charging. Support fast charging protocol adapter.

Battery Life

- 30 days battery life in stand-by mode
- 6 hours continuous use under comprehensive power consumption.
- 0.75 hours continuous use under maximum power consumption.


Aluminum Alloy
Silicone Rubber
ABS+PC plastic

Operating Environment

Operating temperature

50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C)

Relative humidity

0% to 90% noncondensing


CAUTION: :Laser Radiation

Do not Stare into Beam

Please keep away from children

Legal Statement:


Before you use MEAZOR 3D, please read the product instructions and all precautions carefully. If you have any questions, please visit the HOZO Design website for relevant information. Or send an e-mail to: info@hozodesign for advice on the use of products.

Safety information:

This product should not use incompatible charger or charging cable; these actions may cause product damage, fire, explosion or other hazards. 
This product can only be used with accessories approved by the manufacturer. If customers purchase and replace parts with third-party accessories, this action may break the warranty for this product. 
Please use this product to measure when the temperature is in the range of 0 ℃ and 35 ℃. If the ambient temperature is too high or too low, it may reduce the life of the components in the product or cause product malfunction. 
Do not put this product in water or use in extremely humid conditions. This action may damage the internal circuit board of the product.
This product contain 650mAh Li-ion Battery. Please recycle the product according to local regulations. They should not be treated as household waste. Improper disposal of batteries may lead to environmental pollution.

Product Statement:

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