Return & Refund

WHAT it covers?

Return & Refund Scope:
Product(s) returned for credit must be returned within 7 days upon receipt of the product if once you realize that it does not meet your expectations. We could ONLY credit return refunds to customers who have purchased from the HOZO Design Official Online Store. If you wish to return a product of HOZO Design. CO. that you have bought elsewhere, please refer to your retailer.

Its Customer’s obligation to return the Product in a perfect state, with all its accessories that are stated in the product specification. Otherwise 25% restocking fee and fees for lost accessories will be applied if the item(s) returned is not in its original conditions.

HOW to claim?

To return Product(s), please return in a perfect state, with all its accessories, well protected in a postal carton to the following address:

North America:

HOZO Design-Return

Address:2704 Handley Ederville Rd,Fort Worth,Texas 76118

Phone:(817)589 1812

Contact: Jenifer.Sitton

Asia Pacific:n

HOZO Design-Return

U02-1-2 He Mu Shan Zhuang, Dong Xiao Kou Zhen, Chang Ping District, Beijing, China

PO: 102209

Consumer shall bear the cost of shipping the Device to HOZO Design. CO. By sending the Device, the Consumer agrees to transfer ownership to HOZO Design. CO.

We will confirm the refund as soon as it is received with all its parts.

Please fill out the following information if you wish to return the product you received for a refund:

Exclusions and Other Options:

Exclusions and Other Options:

If the information above is not all filled in correctly or does not match our records, our customer care specialist will approach you. If any information is incorrect, we won't be able to guarantee the reception of the parcel nor refund.

If you have purchased your ROLLOVA or other HOZO Design. CO. Product from one of our distribution partners, it is with them that you should directly refer to their Return & Refund Policy.

If, on the other hand, you want to return your ROLLOVA or other HOZO Design. CO. Product because it doesn't work, we suggest you first take a look at the technical answers provided in our FAQ or contact our support team at: