Data Saving(up to 99 measurements)
Adjust Function
Offset Funtion

Measuring Range

10 Meters in metric mode
83 Feet inches in inches mode


Maximum Tolerance +-0.6%

Compatible Units

Centimeter Decimal


1.2" OLED Display (Bright Blue)
Resolution:128x64 px


2 x CR1632 Button Battery (Require to install at least one battery)


304 Stainless Steel, 7075 Aluminum
Alloy, Nylon Plastic, Silicon Rubber

Standby Time

18,000 Hours (Two years) with 2x CR1632 Battery.*May vary, depends on battery brands, humidity, temperature and other environmental factors

Legal Statement:

ROLLOVA V2.0 Info:

Before you purchase ROLLOVA, please read the product instructions and all precautions carefully. If you have any questions, please visit the HOZO Design website for relevant information. Or contact us via support channel for advice on the use of products. 
This product should not use incompatible batteries and external power; this product is non-rechargeable, these actions may cause product damage, fire, explosion or other hazards. This product can only be used with accessories approved by the manufacturer. If customers purchase and replace parts with third-party accessories, this action may break the warranty for this product.

Safety information:

Please use this product to measure when the temperature is in the range of 0 ℃ and 35 ℃. If the ambient temperature is too high or too low, it may reduce the life of the components in the product or cause product malfunction. 
Do not put this product in water or use in extremely humid conditions. This action may damage the internal circuit board of the product. Please replace and dispose the batteries according to local regulations. They should not be treated as household waste. Improper disposal of batteries may lead to environmental pollution.

Product Statement:

ROLLOVA electronic ruler is a creative measuring tool; the measured length data is only providing a reference for your work, the measurement of length value is not protected by law. In the case of accuracy, please use other measuring tools to proofread the values. 
ROLLOVA, HOZO subtitles and logos are registered trademarks owned by HOZO Design.C.O. 
Rollova Electronic rulers are patented products that their appearance and functions are protected by the laws of the United States and China. HOZO Design.C.O. All rights reserved, this manual does not constitute any form of commitment. ©2017-2023 HOZO Design .C.O. All rights reserved.